Detroit White Collar Crime Attorney

These days, both state and federal law enforcement agencies are really cracking down on white collar crime. The people of Michigan want to know that corporate and government officials will not get away with criminal activity just because they are in positions of power. If you know that you are being investigated for a white collar crime or have already been arrested, cooperate with the police but exercise your right to remain silent. Then contact the law offices of the Detroit criminal attorney immediately.

White collar crime is the category of crime committed by government and business officials. This type of crime is usually non-violent in nature and involves some sort of financial fraud. A white collar crime could be any act of bribery, banking fraud, housing fraud, insider trading, embezzlement, and much more.

The biggest mistake any client suspected of a white collar crime could make is to try to handle their boss, the police, and any sort of wrongdoing on their own without the help of an attorney. If your boss for instance is pressuring you to take the fall for something, speak to an attorney immediately.

Our Detroit Criminal Lawyer Will Provide Guidance

In the event that you are suspected to be a player within a white collar crime, you need to appoint a knowledgeable Detroit criminal defense attorney to guide you through the investigation and trial process that will result.

The Detroit criminal attorney will work diligently to minimize the damage to your professional life in addition to negotiating for the least amount of punishment possible. Contact our criminal defense firm today for an immediate consultation.