Detroit Juvenile Crimes Attorney

The state of Michigan is one of the few states to treat juvenile offenders as juveniles, and not hardened criminals. But if your child has been accused of a crime or already arrested, take action now. Any delays can result in unpredictable results. The Detroit criminal defense attorney has many years of experience dealing with juvenile crimes:

There are two classifications of juvenile crime: status crimes and criminal conduct.

A status crime is any act deemed illegal based on the juvenile’s age such as driving with a learner’s permit but without an adult, possessing alcohol or tobacco products, or being out in public past curfew. These acts would not be a problem if the juvenile was over the age of 17.

Criminal conduct on the other hand, is any act that is generally illegal, such as drunk driving, vandalism, or possession of narcotics. If your child is facing charges for criminal conduct, they are in big trouble.

Our Criminal Attorney Will Defend Your Rights

The Detroit criminal defense lawyer will defend the rights of every juvenile client, irregardless of the type of crime he or she has committed. Jail alternatives will always be recommended to the judge. And in the cases of such crimes that involve violence or drugs, the Detroit criminal lawyer will take every step to get a child the type of rehabilitative help he or she needs.

If your minor child has been arrested for a crime, contact us today to consult with a Detroit criminal lawyer immediately.