Detroit Criminal Expungement Attorney

The Detroit Criminal Lawyer is dedicated to serving the needs of clients that have been convicted of committing crimes in the Detroit area. If you or your loved one has already been convicted for a crime but would like a criminal expungement, our legal defense firm may be able to help your case.

The Detroit Criminal Lawyer can represent any criminal expungement case where the client has served their jail time and completed any other penalties imposed by the court.

Even if you are not sure if you are eligible for an expungement, you owe it to yourself to contact a Detroit criminal attorney to learn more about your options. Even as a convicted offender, you still deserve to pursue any appeals or other avenues to restoring your good name and protecting your future.

Being convicted of a crime can completely destroy your life, even if the charge was only a misdemeanor.  But by having your conviction expunged, you can give yourself a better chance at finding employment, housing, and other similar opportunities. That is why you need the legal skills of the Detroit Criminal Lawyer to not only defend you in court, but also help you defend your reputation and piece your life back together.

Appoint an aggressive and experienced attorney by calling the criminal defense law firm of the Detroit Criminal Lawyer today.