Detroit Embezzlement Lawyer

Embezzlement is a big word for employee theft. Any misuse of funds by an employee is an act of embezzlement—this could be paying for a personal item with a company credit card or stealing millions of dollars from a business account. Legally it is an act of theft and will be treated as such in a court of law.

If you or your loved one is facing an embezzlement charge, stop talking to the police immediately and appoint the Detroit criminal lawyer.

In most embezzlement cases, the guilt of the suspect is not difficult to prove. Investigations have oftentimes been ongoing for quite some time, and usually by the time a client knows they are under investigation is when the police are knocking on their door with a warrant in hand. Having a warrant means they have evidence and enough of it to put you in jail.

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Many clients make the mistake of trying to fix whatever they have done on their own. This is most always an incriminating move, and can actually help investigators build a better case at a faster pace.

The fact is most embezzlement cases do not result in jail time…even the ones involving large sums of money. The prosecution’s primary goal in any embezzlement case is to recover the money stolen, either by restitution or an out of court settlement.

If you believe that you have possibly committed the crime of embezzlement, contact the law offices of the Detroit criminal attorney for an immediate consultation.