Parole Violations

It doesn’t matter if you violated your parole intentionally or by accident, violating any of the terms of your parole agreement is basically asking the judge to send you back to jail.

A violation of Michigan parole terms could be:

Following a violation of parole, a hearing will be called where you, your parole officer, and your Detroit criminal defense attorney will attend. This hearing is intended to be the forum where the judge will decide what to do with you.

If you were granted parole and released from imprisonment, it means that someone saw you as fit enough to be released back into society prior to finishing your sentence. This is good news in your favor, which an experienced Detroit criminal lawyer will bring to the judge. Some violations of parole do not automatically indicate that an offender has fallen back into a life of crime. Losing a job for example, is sometimes unavoidable. If an offender can prove that he or she is in fact actively looking for work, the judge may show a bit of mercy.

An experienced Detroit criminal lawyer will take any shred of positive change in an offender’s actions to the judge and the parole officer to hopefully keep a client from going back to jail. It all depends on the circumstances of the crime, the specific violation(s) of parole, and the skill level of your attorney.

If you make a mistake and violate your parole, appoint the best criminal lawyer to represent you. Contact the law offices of the Detroit criminal lawyer to discuss your case today.