Probation Violations

The Detroit justice system has no mercy for criminal, especially repeat offenders. If you or your loved one has violated their probation, it is in your best interest to consult with a Detroit criminal attorney as soon as possible to avoid going to jail.

In the state of Michigan, a probation violation could be:

Our Detroit Criminal Lawyer Will Provide Strong Defense

After your probation officer “violates” you, or makes the court aware of your probation violation, a hearing date will be set. This hearing is the opportunity for your Detroit criminal lawyer to explain to the judge why you violated your probation.

Probation by its very definition indicates that someone thought you were fit enough to avoid jail for a crime. This fact could be a very good thing, depending on what your violation of probation entailed. If you have been doing well at your job and haven’t missed any of your probation meetings for instance, but for some reason became unemployed, a judge may show a bit of leniency. The Detroit criminal lawyer will negotiate for additional probation restrictions or jail alternatives, but anything other than jail time for a client.

If you have violated your probation, contact the law offices of the Detroit criminal attorney today to begin your case.