Detroit Misdemeanors Lawyer

In the state of Michigan, misdemeanors are less serious, “petty” offenses. By their very definition they are punishable by time in jail, but only up to one year. Even if you don’t think your misdemeanor case will result in jail time, it is in your best interest to appoint a criminal defense lawyer. The Detroit criminal lawyer has many years of experience defending all types of misdemeanor crimes, and has sometimes been able to get cases dismissed entirely.

A misdemeanor crime could be:

In Michigan, a misdemeanor crime can violate either a state law or a local ordinance. Either violation will need a strong defense from an experienced criminal lawyer. Being convicted of a misdemeanor could mean spending time in jail, paying expensive fines, and losing your driver’s license. Remember that even if you receive very little punishment for your misdemeanor crime, it will become a matter of public record. You will have to answer ‘yes’ on that previous conviction question on your next job application. Can you really afford to lose future employment opportunities?

Appoint a skilled Detroit criminal attorney to represent you to receive as little punishment as possible at trial, and perhaps no trial at all. It is not an impossibility for an experienced Detroit criminal defense attorney to get a client’s case dismissed and the charges dropped.

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