Domestic Violence Lawyer in Detroit

Michigan law enforcement agencies treat instances of domestic violence with no mercy. Even if you are just accused of domestic violence, you will still be arrested and taken to jail. Even if you believe that you did not commit an act of domestic violence, contact the Detroit criminal lawyer for legal advice before you speak with investigators.

Current Michigan state law defines domestic violence as any assault or threat of assault between domestic partners---this could be family members, dating couples, married couples, and partners/ex-spouses with children together. Even the threat of an assault between family members is legal act of domestic violence. Other instances of domestic violence could be kidnapping (which is common between ex-spouses with children), confining someone against their will, or any other violent or potentially violent act.

If you are accused of domestic violence, you need to appoint the best criminal defense attorney possible to either get your charges dismissed, or negotiate with the prosecution for the lightest sentence possible. Michigan state law contains domestic violence provisions to proceed with criminal charges even if an accuser recants their story or refuses to officially press charges.

What this means is that if someone calls 911 and accuses you of domestic violence but changes their story when the police arrive, you can still be charged with domestic violence if there is enough evidence.

A conviction for domestic violence will result in a jail sentence and at least a $500 fine. Even if this is your first run in with the law, contact the law offices of the Detroit criminal defense attorney to assist with your case.