Detroit Robbery Lawyer

If you or your loved one is arrested for robbery in the Detroit area, contact the law offices of the Detroit criminal lawyer immediately.

Robbery is any act of theft that is combined with violence or the threat of violence. Since robbery is a violent crime, offenders charged with robbery are not treated with mercy. Armed robbery especially is heavily punishable, and under Michigan state law is considered a felony offense. Michigan’s mandatory minimum laws state that an armed robbery conviction will require a mandatory prison sentence of at least two years. (Michigan Penal Code Section 750.529)

Our Detroit Crimiinal Attorney Can Find Weaknesses in Evidence

Evidence and witness testimony are very important to robbery trials. Say a client robbed a bank for example, and did so with another accomplice. What would happen if a witness claims our client had a gun when they really didn’t? Our legal team knows all too well that witnesses can fabricate testimony either by coercion or pure confusion. A good attorney will bring to light any inconsistencies and false statements made about our clients.

Clients should note that a weapons charge tacked on to a crime such as robbery is considered to be an enhanceable offense. If a client had an illegal gun during the crime for instance, that gun will add on years of prison time if a guilty verdict is rendered. If there were injuries resulting from the robbery, additional years of prison time may be added as well. Even if you think your case is hopeless, the Detroit criminal lawyer can help.

Contact the law offices of the Detroit criminal lawyer immediately to discuss the next steps in your robbery case.