Detroit Traffic Violations Attorney

With the exception of DUI, most traffic violations are not actually crimes. For this reason you may think that you do not require the assistance of an attorney, but you should think again.

The state of Michigan has two routes to resolving traffic violations: a formal hearing or an informal hearing. Formal hearings are ones where the Detroit criminal lawyer can negotiate on your behalf. This type of hearing is not a trial, although it will look like one in its format. In most cases a deal can be reached where a client will have to pay a fine in return for no notations on their driving record and no driving points.

If an offender decides to represent him or herself, an informal hearing will be scheduled. But without an attorney, the situation can be significantly more complicated. In this instance the offender will have to negotiate on their own, without the legal background or knowledge of the court system that a lawyer possesses. And if the responding police officer is present, he or she will most likely be less than merciful in their testimony.

Our Detroit Attorney Can Help You Avoid Consequences

Sure, a traffic ticket may not seem like much, but even a simple speeding ticket can result in a number of unforeseen consequences. It will be used against you in negotiations for car insurance rates and in a court of law as an enhanceable offense. If you get another ticket in the future you will have to fight that ticket as a driver with a bad record. A conviction for a traffic violation will also follow you into any of the states that are members of the Non-Resident Violator Compact, an agreement between states to recognize the driving records of all citizens.

If you are facing a traffic violations case, contact the law offices of the Detroit criminal lawyer today.